Everything About Clear View Fencing Price, Clearview Fence Price, Clearvu Fence Prices, and Fencing Price per Meter in Johannesburg, Pretoria, East, West, North Durban, Cape Town

Everything About Clear View Fencing Price, Clearview Fence Price, Clearvu Fence Prices, and Fencing Price per Meter in Johannesburg, Pretoria, East, West, North Durban, Cape Town

When it comes to securing your property, knowing the clearview fence prices for 2024 is essential. Whether you are in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, or Cape Town, this guide will help you understand clearview fencing prices.

Clearview fencing prices can vary. The clear view fencing price depends on several factors like height, material, and installation. Generally, the clearview fence price is affordable and offers great security. For those in Johannesburg and Pretoria, you might see different clearvu fence prices compared to Cape Town or Durban.

One important factor is the fencing price per meter. This is how much you pay for each meter of fencing. Clearview fence prices might be higher than palisade fencing price, but it offers better visibility and security. You can also compare it with wire fence prices per metre, which might be cheaper but less secure.

When shopping for fencing, consider the clearvu fence pricing. It includes the cost of materials and installation. The clear view fence prices are competitive, and finding a good clear view fence price can save you money. If you search for a clear view fence for sale, you might find discounted rates.

Other options include steel fence price and palisade fencing price. These vary, so it’s good to compare the fencing cost per meter for each type. Fencing prices in South Africa are influenced by location and demand.

To sum up, the clearview fencing price is a smart investment for your property’s safety. The clearvu fence price might be higher, but the benefits are worth it. Whether you’re looking for clearvu fencing prices or other types, understanding the cost of fencing per metre is key.

Choose wisely, and ensure you get the best fencing price for your needs.

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What is Clearview Fencing?

Clearview Fencing is a modern security solution featuring small openings, making it tough to cut or climb. This fencing type has enhanced visibility and gives intruders no grip points.

It can withstand harsh South Africa weather conditions and includes a 10-year warranty for durability.

The fence often gets topped with extras like spikes or electric fencing for increased security. Its rust-resistant design ensures long-term savings on maintenance. Besides safety, Clearview Fences boost aesthetic appeal, perfectly balancing protection with style—ideal for any property looking to stay secure without sacrificing looks.

Types of Clearview Fencing

  1. Econo Range: Features a 100mm x 50mm aperture. This is budget-friendly.
  2. Anti-Climb Range: Has a tighter 75mm x 12.5mm aperture. Harder to climb—ideal for high-security areas.
  3. Galvanised Panels: Coated with zinc to resist rust. Great for long-term durability.
  4. Powder Coated Panels: Available in different colours, offering both protection and aesthetic appeal.
  5. Plastic Coated Panels: Provide extra weather resistance—perfect for harsh climates.
  6. Heavier Panels: Have more wires and cost more but offer greater security. Essential for premium installations.

Factors That Affect Clearview Fence Prices

Factors That Affect Clearview Fence Prices

Height plays a big role in Clearview fence prices. Taller fences need more materials and labour, driving up costs. The length of the fencing also matters — longer sections require additional resources.

The finish type affects pricing too. Options like PVC-coated, powder-coated, or galvanised finishes each have different costs. Extras such as CCTV cameras, security spikes, electric fencing with alarms, and razor wire add to the expense.

Average Cost of Clearview Fencing in South Africa

Per Metre

Prices for Clearview fencing can vary widely. For instance, high-security options with small wire spacing (76x12mm) start at R1200 per metre. Medium security fences (76x25mm) cost around R1000 per metre.

Lower security choices with wider spacing (76x50mm) are available from R850 per metre.

Wire fence prices per metre span from as low as R350 to as high as R3500, based on the specifications. Smaller wire spacing typically provides higher security but comes with a higher price tag.

Per Panel

Pricing Clearview fencing per panel makes planning easier. Each fence panel measures 2000x2200mm and uses wire with a diameter of 4mm. What’s unique? The mesh size is 12.7×76.2mm, offering strength and visibility.

Cost here depends on the steel used—galvanised pipes coated with PVC enhance resistance to corrosion.

Customers also need posts for support. These posts measure 60x60x2x2500mm… built to last! Prices vary based on quality, but they offer robust security at an affordable rate in South Africa in 2024.

Installation Costs

Paying for Clearview fencing isn’t just about the panels. Installing this type of fence varies in cost due to height, materials, and extras like spikes or electric fence additions.

Generally, installation costs range from R200 to R500 per metre.

Expect higher charges for taller fences or those with added security features. For instance, a 2-metre high Clearview fence will cost more to install than a standard 1.8-meter one because it requires sturdier posts and sometimes deeper foundations.

Adding an electric fence can increase safety but also bump up costs significantly.

Labour plays a big role too; experienced installers may charge more but give better results in less time.

Clear View Fencing Price vs Traditional Fencing

Clear View fencing offers a cost-effective and secure solution compared to traditional fencing options. Below, we compare the prices in South Africa:

Fencing Type Cost per Metre (Low Security) Cost per Metre (High Security)
Clear View Fencing R750 R1300
Brick Wall R1000 R1500
Palisade Fencing R850 R1400

2024 Clearview Fence Price List for South Africa

Clearvu Fencing Price Range for SA

Clearvu fencing prices in South Africa range from R1000 to R1300 per metre. This excludes installation costs.

Having Clearvu fencing installed ensures both security and aesthetic appeal at an affordable price

The cost varies based on the height and length required, with additional features influencing total expenditure.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Clearview Fence

  1. Height of the Fence: Taller fences cost more due to extra materials and labour.
  2. Type of Finish: Options include PVC-coated, galvanised, or powder-coated finishes. Each type affects pricing differently.
  3. Level of Security: Smaller apertures offer higher security but can increase costs.
  4. Cost per Metre: Check current market prices for fencing cost per metre to budget accurately.
  5. Panel Costs: Consider the price per panel if that’s how you plan to purchase your fencing material.
  6. Installation Costs: Labour charges vary; get multiple quotes to find a fair price.
  7. Additional Features: Barbed wire or tamper-proof features add to the expenses but enhance security.
  8. Local Regulations: Compliance with local laws may influence your choice and cost.
  9. Purpose of Fencing: Decide if it’s for residential, commercial, or industrial use, as this affects pricing tiers.
  10. Weather Conditions: Certain finishes like powder-coating perform better in harsh weather conditions, affecting long-term costs.

Additional Features and their Impact on Cost

Additional Features and their Impact on Cost

Extras like CCTV installation, security spikes, electric fencing with alarms, and razor wire increase costs. These additions provide extra protection but come at a higher price. Smaller wire spacing offers greater security but also raises the cost due to more materials needed.

Adding an electric fence with alarms can significantly boost safety and deter intruders. Razor wire adds another layer of defence but increases expenses further. Each feature has its own impact on the overall clear view fence price per metre in South Africa.

How to Determine the Right Clearview Fence for Your Needs

Consider your property’s security needs and aesthetic preferences. Think about fence height, mesh size, and additional features like anti-climb spikes.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Height

Choosing the right height for your Clearview fence is crucial. Taller fences, like those at 2.4m or 3m, offer superior security and privacy but come with higher costs due to additional materials and labour.

Opting for shorter heights, such as 1.8m or 2m, can be more budget-friendly while still providing decent protection.

Consider the area’s needs before settling on a height. Residential areas might only need a 1.8m or 2m fence, while commercial properties often require taller options to deter intruders effectively.

How to Get an Accurate Quote for Clearview Fencing

How to Get an Accurate Quote for Clearview Fencing

  • Measure Your Property: Measure the area where you want to put the fence. Accurate measurements help in getting a precise quote.
  • Choose Your Fence Type: Decide on the type of Clearview fence you want. Think about the height and design.
  • Find Local Suppliers: Look for Clearview fencing suppliers near you. Check their reviews to ensure they are trustworthy.
  • Get Multiple Quotes: Contact different suppliers and ask for quotes. Give them your measurements and details about what you need.
  • Include Installation: Tell the suppliers if you need them to install the fence. Some quotes include installation, while others do not.
  • Ask About Material Quality: Make sure to ask about the quality of the materials used. Better materials might cost more but last longer.
  • Check for Extra Costs: Ask if there are any additional charges, like delivery fees or customization costs. Make sure these are included in the quote.
  • Request a Site Visit: If possible, have the supplier visit your property. This helps them give a more accurate quote.
  • Look for Warranty and Maintenance: Ask if the fence comes with a warranty and what maintenance is needed. This can affect the overall cost.
  • Compare Quotes: Once you have several quotes, compare them. Look at the total cost, what’s included, and the quality of materials and services.

Tips for Reducing Clearview Fence Costs

  1. Order in Bulk
  2. Choose a Basic Finish
  3. Plan Your Layout Smartly
  4. DIY Installation
  5. Obtain Multiple Quotes
  6. Check for Promotions
  7. Negotiate Prices
  8. Consider Alternative Materials
  9. Invest in Durable Materials
  10. Buy Local

Tips for Negotiating Clearview Fence Prices

  1. Research Market Rates
  2. Get Multiple Quotes
  3. Ask About Discounts
  4. Negotiate Installation Fees
  5. Discuss Payment Plans
  6. Look for Hidden Costs
  7. Consider Off-Peak Times
  8. Offer to Pay Cash
  9. Bundle Services
  10. Review Terms and Conditions Carefully


Clearview fencing is popular in South Africa for its durability and visibility. Here are some FAQs to help you understand Clearview fence prices in 2024.

1. What factors affect the cost of Clearview fencing per metre?

The cost of Clearview fencing per meter depends on materials, height, steel thickness, and additional features like coatings or primers.

2. How do Clearvu fence pricing compare with other types of fences?

Clearvu fence pricing can be higher than traditional palisade fencing due to better security features and aesthetic appeal but offers long-term value.

3. Are there different price lists for Clearview fences in South Africa?

Yes, prices vary based on suppliers and regions within South Africa; always check multiple sources for a comprehensive clear view fence prices list.

4. Is it possible to negotiate the price of a Clearview fence?

Absolutely! Tips for negotiating include buying in bulk, comparing quotes from several suppliers, and asking about discounts or promotions.

5. What is included in the clear view fencing price per meter?

Typically, this includes the steel panels, posts, installation costs but may exclude extras like gates or custom finishes—always ask your supplier for details.