What People Have To Say About Patios Johannesburg.

Mr D. Sanison

Patios Johannesburg has offered me great quality technical services by ensuring that my house pavement in properly filled with tar, they were so quick about it, they were done way sooner than I thought.

Ms R. Frederick

Patios Johannesburg has installed me with new surfacing of tar for my business turning my business looking professional and attracting me new clients every day. Thank you guys are the best for delivering quality.

Mr T. Tavison

Patios Johannesburg are really the best in applying tar on my surfaces fir a very good price I could definitely afford. They are quick and professional thank you guys you made life easier.

Mrs G. Ronaldon

Patios Johannesburg made my life easier by firstly removing the concrete paving than applying the surface with quality tar that will last me ten years thanks very much Patios Johannesburg.

Mrs G. Westen

Patios Johannesburg has given me a great looking for patio at a really reasonable price. I am so happy that I chose you to install my new patio and even my family thinks it looks great and gives us a good space and view. Please keep up the great work thank you!


Mrs G. Rey

Patios Johannesburg did an amazing job and my house looks extra with such an affordable renovation. I am so glad that I let you guys be creative with the space because I would have never been able to do it on my own. Thank you very much for all the assistance!