Frequently Asked Questions at Patios Johannesburg

What are the size and dimensions of patios you guys can install?

We a company that has the ability to create any size of patios fit or suitable for any household and businesses. We can create any size outside patio living areas for entertaining and relaxation.

Will there be a mess and disruptions?

When we work on a project we work to impress so we work clean and less noise pollution.

What patios ideas do you guys have?

We have various type of patio ideas, we create a focal point with warming fire pit, we incorporate a garden canopy, create ambience with lights and accessories, and Blur the boundaries between and outdoors aesthetics.

Why should I choose Patios Johannesburg?

We are unique when it comes to our services by offering creativity, professionalism and innovative designs that only we can offer.

Why should I be confident that Patios Johannesburg will help?

We guarantee you that our work is of high quality and that we have many years of experience in this business. We have managed to please all our customers with our services by allowing them to tell us exactly what is it that they need and make it our priority  to deliver exactly what they want.

What other types of Patios do you guys do?

Other services include:

  • Patio tables
  • Patio chairs
  • Sectional sets
  • Bistro sets

How long does it takes to install a Patios?

Depending on the size of patios designed we draw the project and see how many materials required to finish the project. But to give an estimate four to five days maximum if it’s not big.

How do I know that I am getting the right services?

Before we start with the project we make sure that the customer is shown our previous work projects we have done before as a certainty of the quality work we deliver.